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Growing your best crop starts with Radiate.

Whether you’ve been farming your whole life or this is your first season, you know that the key to success is a strong start.

It all begins with the roots. They’re a crop’s foundation and your success depends on them. The power to give your roots what they need each season means starting with Radiate—specifically designed to help develop longer, stronger, healthier roots to improve nutrient uptake and performance for you!

Radiate is rooted in science.

Radiate’s proven technology works with all crops and can be applied foliar or in-furrow. Select a crop icon below to view specific crop results.
  • Enhance early season vigor.
  • Drive maximum root growth.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Maximize yield potential.
  • Support increased profits.

Grow your best acre with Radiate

Rooted in Science, Proven by Performance

This powerful root growth technology increases your plants’ ability to utilize more essential nutrients and water in your fields. Driven by a unique balance of IBA and Kinetin, Radiate consistently supports maximum root growth and plant performance.

Taking science to the spray tank you can see Radiate in action for yourself. Ideal for corn, soybeans, cotton, peanuts, wheat, potatoes, sugar beets and dozens of other crops—one thing is for sure, if it has roots it needs Radiate.

We’ve spent over a decade testing Radiate in fields all over North America to make sure it can work in yours. Click a crop to see for yourself.

What do growers love about Radiate?

Find out what thousands of growers already know—Radiate is one of the best ways to grow strong, healthy roots for almost any type of crop. After all, if you don’t use Radiate you’ll never know how much of a difference it can make in your field.

“What growers like most about Radiate is that it offsets the stresses caused by weather, and it promotes a vigorous response after various applications.”

—Robbie Scarborough, Jr., Nutrien Crop Consultant (Boyce, LA)

“Great crops always start with a healthy and robust root system. Radiate is consistent, too. You don’t cross your fingers and just hope it happens.”

—Jared Meier, Nutrien Crop Consultant (Waterville, KS)

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